Don't get bit by Fire Ants

Are you losing the battle with fire ants?
They can inflict multiple painful stinging bites.  Did you know that 20 million people or more are bit by fire ants a year?  Americans spend more then $1 Billion a Year on Fire Ant Treatments.  Survey your lawn area.
If there are one or two mounds you could opt to treat it yourself.  If you are seeing more then a couple mounds we recommend a professional treatment especially if pets or children are outside.  Be careful approaching what might be a fire ant mound.  Fire Ants are extremely agressive and territorial.  There is no way to tell how many fire ants lay beneath a mound.  Treatment of one mound can leave survivors underground who will simply tunnel to a new spot in your yard and setup shop again.  Fire Ants will attack young pets and caged animals stinging around less hairy areas such as eyes, nose and stomach.  If you pet is showing signs of red welts on his skin check the area in and around where he rests for  mounds.  If you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction such as hives, swelling, nausea, vomitting, shock seek medical treatment immediately.  

Our treatments for fire ants range.  We have an expensive option of treating mounds individually.  If you only have a few this can be an excellent method.  A quarterly or annual service guarantee's free return service for any hot spots that may develop during that period.

We also offer an outstanding product:  TopChoice - this is a granular insecticide that can be applied once and lasts 365 days.  This treatment is applied to large areas such as a yard, around flower beds, etc.  While other products may be continually supplied during the year, TopChoice safeguards your yard against fire ant . . . in any weather with a single treatment.  A low dosage of TopChoice provides powerful protection.  This product is actually safer then many over the counter products because it is selectively toxic to insects and only an extremely low dose is required.  In fact, the same active ingredient is used in the #1 flea and tick treatment for pets.  TopChoice also control secondary pests such as mole crickets, ants and fleas for one month. 

TopChoice is our number one choice for fire ant treatments.  It is only available through licensed professionals who are trained in the proper rate of application.  You'll enjoy the double punch power of TopChoice it effectively controls fire ants that may now infest your yard PLUS stops new colonies from becomming established.  Creat a hostile environment for fire ants and they will go invade someone else's yard instead. 
Reclaim Your Back Yard:  It's your property.  Isn't it time that you and your family truly enjoyed the outdoors without worry about the danger of fire ants?  TopChoice is the easy affordable way to solve tht problem, offering you up to one year of GUARANTEED control.   

Contact us today for your free estimate and take back your yard!